For all Vietnam’s children to have access to the education, healthcare, training and opportunities they need in order to fulfill their potential in life.

Mission Statement

H2H – Ride for Vietnamese Children exists to help break the cycle of poverty in the lives of Vietnam’s poorest children and youth, in the following ways:

    • By cycling 2000km annually for 1 month from Hanoi to HCMC to raise vital funds for child poverty alleviation
    • By partnering with like-minded children’s charities engaged in education, healthcare and vocational training programmes and building civil society, in Vietnam
    • By giving its volunteer riders the awareness, experience and motivation to affect positive change for the rest of their lives.

Values and Approach

– To model sustainability, empowerment and partnership in H2H’s approach

– To promote charitable efficiency and transparency, so as much of H2H’s income as possible goes to where it is most needed, fighting the cycle of poverty

– To target resources where the needs are greatest

– To support front-line, locally based organisations that are fighting poverty amongst Vietnam’s poorest children and youth and are building civil society

– To provide opportunities for H2H volunteers to engage with the partner charities and take ownership of fundraising, ride preparation and implementation

– To celebrate the beauty of Vietnam and the richness of its culture, by cycling the length of the country.


“Give a child a fish and you feed her for a day. Teach a child to fish and you feed her for a lifetime.”